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Entwicklungsbegleitung für Mensch und


G ü l d e n h o l m
F o u n d a t i o n

Where do we want to go?

We live in a time of extreme antagonisms, a time when material wealth is not always a blessing for mankind, a time when unimaginable wastage exists side by side with dire poverty. We are forced to realize ever more starkly that quantitative growth alone cannot solve the problems of mankind, rather, this would require a qualitative leap in development. That is a process of evolution which cannot straightforwardly be planned and implemented, but a process that can only get under way provided it has formed in the consciousness of many individuals.
The Güldenholm Foundation defines its objective as contributing to the formation of this consciousness.


What do we want to do?

The aim of the Güldenholm Foundation is to support activities in two areas:

Bring together, study and teach human wisdom from different spiritual traditions in this world.

The wisdom of mankind is still alive in many different civilisations and forms. All over the world and across centuries there have been people who devoted their lives to the exploration and study of what it is to be human. Their insights are accessible to those who open themselves to the investigation of the world and of their innermost SELF.

The Güldenholm Foundation wants to create new places and will support existing institutions where the study of the SELF and the study of  human wisdom is possible. These places are built on the basis of knowledge the initiators of the Foundation can contribute: the tradition of Yoga science and philosophy, the deep insights of anthroposophy and the works of Erich Fromm.

One such place is Güldenholm in the north of Schleswig which gives the Foundation its name; another is the Himalaya Institute in Ahrensburg on the outskirts of Hamburg. In these places, people foster research and communication, and they experience spirituality and the silence of meditation.

Create open spaces for people who seek to endow their lives with meaning and depth, but who need support due to the conditions of their lives.

Biographies are all too often subject to the anxieties and burdens of external conditions.

Education and study are often seen solely as means to build up a material base in life.
Such a view of education that is exclusively oriented in gaining material wealth stands opposite to a view that emphasizes the education of the human being as such. According to the latter, education and study serve the development and deepening of being human, the fostering of the authentic, living and spiritual. People who are willing to educate themselves in this sense often embark on an uncomfortable and burdensome journey, since the daily struggle of existence offers few opportunities for such an enterprise.
The Güldenholm Foundation has set as its goal to support people who wish to invest their lives with meaning and depth by way of education, but whose lives need being given assistance.


What we do already :

The Himalaya Institute

The Himalaya Institute in Ahrensburg looks back on twenty years of charitable work that has been devoted to the fostering of the human beings’ holistic health.
For millenia, people in the Himalayas have been investigating, studying and teaching human knowledge and wisdom which helps us to discover our purpose in life and which helps us to pursue it responsibly and pragmatically.
The Himalaya Institute offers this knowledge in classes, lectures and seminars. In these, more than 400 yoga-teachers have been professionally trained during the last twenty years.

The Leper project

More than 300 healthy children of leper-infected parents were provided with a hospital, canteen and school in a now arid riverbed in Northern India. They receive daily medical care, warm meals and schooling.
This project gives to these children the opportunity in life to avert social destitution through education and to become integrated in Indian society.


The Güldenholm Foundation awards scholarships to people who are willing to endow their lives with meaning and depth. Men and women of diverse backgrounds, in different stages of life and distinct careers equally receive support.
In addition to financial support the recipients are offered personal advice and consultation during the period of support. The Güldenholm Foundation strives to establish a vibrant exchange between the recipients of support and their sponsors. Once a year a general meeting serves to further personal contacts.

From Having to Being

The name of this annual award comes from one of Erich Fromm's most popular books 'To Have or to Be?'
We want to honour people with this award
(EUROS 2500) and to support their striving for changing their lives from having to being.
In addition we wish to commemorate the work of Erich Fromm and to encourage people to engage with the humanism of his writings and the topicality of his thinking.


What we want

We want the Foundation to be a place of living communication instead of being a trading point for money. This is why we intend to foster creative exchanges between sponsors and recipients, so that lives touch with and benefit from each other which would have never happened otherwise. So far this is but a beginning: Whether it remains a beginning depends on all of us. The more we can go beyond ourselves and bring to fruition our material wealth by making new contacts, the more we can engender visions of a rewarding future for mankind. Going beyond is required of us time and again, externally but primarily within us. Let us therefore close in optimistic confidence quoting Goethe's words:

“Von der Gewalt, die alle Menschen bindet,
befreit der Mensch sich, der sich überwindet.“

(Of the violence that binds all mankind
the individual frees him/herself that overcomes him/herself)

We would be delighted if you would like to support our work with your joy and donations.


Kind regards from Güldenholm


The founders:


Wolfgang Bischoff                                                                                   Jürgen Hess                                        

Güldenholm, 24881 Nübel,  Tel.: 0049 / 4621 / 53579