Wolfgang Bischoff
Entwicklungsbegleitung für Mensch und

Dipl. Psych. Yvonne Bünger

In an international PhD/DBA Program “Humanization of Organization” at the University for Humanistics in Utrecht, the Netherlands we explore the phenomenon of “Authentic Leadership” in cooperation with the Güldenholm Foundation and the Foundation China-Europe – Dialog and Exchange for sustainable Development; together we develop a leadership training that facilitates the abilities of authenticity to ensure a sustainable and responsible development in economic systems and in society. Yvonne Bünger presented the thesis at the conference “BEYOND CONCEPTS AND MINDS - International Dialogue (February 17-18, 2007, Rishikesh, India).

The interests of the interdisciplinary university department are in the fields of the humanization of work, complexity theory, organizational anthropology, training and innovation and 'meaning in organization'; and with an active interest in innovative techniques for pursuing these themes. They focus on organizational change, social theory and qualitative research methodology. The humanization of organization is studied with themes including: emergence and coherence, organizational development, serious play, and the relationship between ethics and leadership.

Parts of the thesis:

  • Interviews

How do the interviewees perceive themselves in the context of Authentic Leadership? How do they describe Authentic Leadership? What are their experiences related to Authentic Leadership?

2 levels of Analysis:

        1. Grounded Theory
        2. Discourse Analysis
  • Analysis of Literature

Selection of Literature related to the thesis:
Ethical Authenticity, Leadership, Authentic Leadership, Spiritual Leadership

  • Interaction of qualitative Analysis of Interviews and studying Literature
Discovering similar and different aspects – what’s new, constructing new elements. The way ‘back’ to practice – outlook on contribution to leadership trainings.