Wolfgang Bischoff
Entwicklungsbegleitung für Mensch und

J.W. v. Goethe


Dear Sir or Madam,

I would like to invite you to experience the
Executive Mentoring Program with me at the beautyPath
of Schlossgut Groß Schwansee right on the Baltic Sea.

In consultations with you, I will
tailor the program to your needs. Sea

I am looking forward to meeting you and to
experiencing our mutual learning process.

Kind regards

Dipl. Psych Wofgang Bischoff
Human Culture Academy

The Mentoring Program

Mentoring guides people to a novel experience of BEING.
Mentoring leads to inner growth.
Mentoringemphasizes BEING and the reflection about one’s life.

Therefore the Mentoring Program centers on self-exploration to enable executives to awaken as yet dormant inner potentials through inspiration, exercises and exhaustive information.

Three areas
will be addressed in the sessions on self-exploration:

  1. Inner Awareness,
  2. Inner Determination and Commitment
  3. Personal Exercises

Your personal questions about relevant aspects of leadership will be addressed.

Topics such as:

Authentic Leadership,
Conflict-management, Teamwork
Dialogue strategies, Decision-making,
Relationship management,                 
Management of Transformation

Dealing with these issues is the foundation for the process of self-transformation that leads from a deep understanding of your destiny to determining the purpose of your work and deepening your interpersonal relations at work and in your private life.

Lao Tzu says in his Tao Teh Ching
„A wise man practices the Tao. A common man just admires it.“

In the spirit of these quotations by Einstein, Goethe and Lao Tzu the Mentoring Program will transform the thinking of executives, so that creativity and intuition become their potentials for action that spur future-oriented, innovative and efficient performance.


For your personal Mentoring Program, we recommend you to book two to three introductory days to Personal Development in the Schlossgut Gross Schwansee on the Baltic Sea. The intensity and effects of these days will enrich your professional and your private life in a lasting way.

The special time at Schlossgut Gross Schwansee allows you to come to rest, both physically and mentally. On this basis, you will learn deep-going exercises that help you develop your latent personal potentials and unfold your leadership potentials to the full.

The atmosphere of the venue and the particular effects of nature, which we will employ in our work, will aid you in identifying your leadership potentials, free them from tensions, develop and implement them. A two-hour somatherapeutic session is part of this program and assists you in loosening inner physical tensions in order to reach a deep and relaxing state of the body. This state is the prerequisite for intensive exercises on unfolding your personality and your qualities.

The two to three days can be taken as a unit or they can be continued in half-day meetings near you or in further meetings at Schlossgut Gross Schwansee. The scheduled meetings will be oriented towards your needs. It is recommended these meetings continue for at least six months.

Wolfgang Bischoff is always available for a personal conversation, in which all open questions can be addressed.

The Mentoring Program is geared to your personal concerns and needs which we will explore in our work together.

As an example, we suggest the following schedule for the day:

  • Arrival and transfer to Schlossgut Gross Schwansee on the previous day
  • The Mentoring Program begins at 7am with exercises on joints, relaxation and concentration; after a rich breakfast the exercises on self-exploration begin. Exercises on contemplation, meditative walks on the Baltic Sea, somatherapeutic work, exercises on relaxation and meditation, intensive conversations and new learning experiences dominate the day until approx. 9pm.
  • Short breaks, excellent lunch and dinner reinvigorate you and round off the day.
  • Departure and transfer to airport.

Continueation of Mentoring

After the initial meeting in the special surroundings of Schlossgut Gross Schwansee the Mentoring Work can be continued and deepened in half-day or full-day meetings.

Details upon request