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„Orissa - A New Dawn“

Practical and sustainable Help through concrete Projects
A Project of the Güldenholm Stiftung

Orissa is a state situated in the east coast of India. The farmers there are very poor and often they loose their last money, because the seeds they bought with their last money are not growing – so they find themselves abandoned and destitute. The people in Orissa are facing many health, educational and environmental problems. Acharya Bhagaban Dev gives these people through the holistic work of the Trust new hope and new options for a worthy life…



Establishment of a residential school for orphans, tribal children and the economically poor, with provision for free food, clothing, study materials, library and health care.

  • Establishment of a community health care centre with outreach programs.
  • Illiteracy eradication programs.
  • Preservation of traditional medicinal knowledge and ayurveda.
  • Establishment of herbal garden and ayurvedicpharmacy.
  • Establishment of horticulture and dairy farm and other activities towards income generation and sustainability.
  • Economic development through cottage industries for the upliftment and self reliance of the poor.

Our Children

Children from thirty villages around the ashram have been offered the opportunity of availing free schooling, along with boarding and health care at the Ashram. The students are boarders, with free study materials and health care …and they love playing football and doing yoga!BhDev

Facilities at the School

In the first phase the Trust has built a 16 rooms school, with three bathrooms, a kitchen with dining facilities and an office. As the number of children increase, additional toilets bathrooms and a larger kitchen will be needed. When the school enrols 200 children in 2005, an additional school building hostel and staff rooms need to be constructed.


Future Plans

Building a school for girls. At the moment only boys can be educated.girl
Also girls need the chance to learn and to grow – that’s what we
want to develop next with your support !!!

Training in Traditional Organic Farming Practices 
The children are exposed to organic, pesticide free farming with a
focus on self sufficiency and sustainable agricultural practices. Organic
farming methods like composting  including neem based pesticides are used.

Development of an irrigation system and well-elaborated research about planting possibilities in harmony with the area, the native people and the nature

Cooperation with other projects, universities and organizations worldwide


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