Wolfgang Bischoff
Entwicklungsbegleitung für Mensch und

„No problem can be solved through the same
consciousness which created it.“
Albert Einstein

J.W. v. Goethe

Lao Tzu says in his Tao Teh Ching
„A wise man practices the Tao. A common man just admires it.“


In the spirit of these quotations by Einstein, Goethe and Lao Tzu the Human Culture Academy wants to transform the consciousness of executives and organizations, so that creativity, courage and intuition become their potentials for future-oriented, innovative and efficient performance.

The Human Culture Academy wants to enable executives from all over the world to awaken as yet dormant inner potentials through inspiration, exercises and exhaustive information. The process of self-transformation leads from a deep understanding of destiny to determining the purpose of life and work and deepening interpersonal relations at work and in private life.

Together with you we want to develop and facilitate a leadership culture for the 21st century, in which authentic leaders are able to actively create a sustainable future.


The 21st Century Leader

We are facing a crisis in leadership which, to paraphrase Einstein, will not be resolved by the same level of consciousness which created it.

The crisis will not be resolved by simply adding new skills to old ways of being. The chance to grow beyond the crisis requires a transformation that will demand the development of as yet unrealised human potentials and abilities to create a new way of being. This will entail a radical process if success is to be realised.

The whole point of leadership is to take people into the unknown future. Only from the deepest internal silence and emptiness can true creativity and intuition be achieved. The new capabilities of the 21st Century Leader will include not only the ability to let go of the old, but also the capacity to stay in the quiet unknowing in order to perceive and ‘pre-sense’ what the future needs of the organisation


Theoretical Background

Our Seminars, Mentorings and Coachings are developed in part out of the work of Otto Scharner, Peter Senge and Joseph Jaworski at M.I.T. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston). The ideas, concepts, theories and practices that underpin the programmes have a rich and diverse background and tradition behind them, including:

  • Developmental Psychology and Personality Theory
  • Brain research and the Development of Consciousness
  • Archetypal Psychology and the Mythic and Storytelling Traditions
  • Leadership theories
  • Leading edge theories and research concerning deep collective change
  • The wisdom of Ancient Spiritual Traditions from around the world.

Thus all lectures and discussions will be accompanied and animated by a range of practices that will develop the inner structures and understanding necessary for the full meaning of the inputs to be grasped. These include practices in concentration, contemplation, imagination, meditation, energy development, relaxation and Hatha Yoga.



  • abilities to face the challenges of the 21st century
  • selfrealization – personal growth
  • the development of true creativity, intuition, presencing
  • Authentic and Servant Leadership
  • compassion, empathy, silence and stillness
  • access to unknown and hidden abilities
  • enhancement of concentration
  • the capacity for clear discernment between the essential and the non-essential
  • integrity, where thought speech and action are in accord with each other
  • ability to create innovative and sustainable solutions
  • deliver on performance, profit and stakeholder value
  • move beyond to a deep concern for meaning, purpose and human well-being
  • find meaning and a sense of fulfilment in work and
  • feel responsible for their environment and for the greater good of human kind.