Wolfgang Bischoff
Entwicklungsbegleitung für Mensch und


World Bank, Washington DC, USA

Unilever, The Netherlands

Tchibo, Germany

Cranfield University School of Managment, England

ZfU, Zentrum für Unternehmensführung AG, Schweiz

Unesco  IHE, The Netherlands

LogicaCMG, Schweiz

Norddeutsche Vermögen Holding GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

CSC Ploentzke AG Akademie

Odenwaldinstitut und Osterberginstitut der Karl Kübel Stiftung

IGG - Institut für gerichtspsychologische Gutachten)

Himalaya Institute Europa

Industrial Society Capita Group, London

Carfield-Gruppe, Schweiz



China Europe Foundation

Güldenholm Stiftung

Himalaya Hospital Trust

Nava Prabhat – Public Charitable Trust


"Working with Wolfgang Bischoff means change. His authentic drive to create a better society or organization and individuals is inspiring. He shows us how to unlearn 'business-as-usual' habits and ritualistic behavior, and shows us the tools and systems within ourselves that can lead us to real growth, beyond material satisfaction and ensuring behavior that will contribute to sustainable development on this planet."
(Atem S. Ramsundersingh, Head of the Secretariat of the Global Development Learning Network of the World Bank, Washington DC, USA, Former Program Director of UNESCO-IHE's Partnership for Water Education & Research, Delft, The Netherlands)


"Wolfgang Bischoff has accompanied the development and the enormous growth of our company group for more than 20 years. He has always been a welcome advisor and mentor. Like no one else, he has the ability to detect individual potentials, to analyze and to foster them. His work on Personality Development is highly professional and successful."
(Owner-Director Dr. Bernd Kortüm , Norddeutsche Vermögen Holding GmbH & Co. KG)


„One must congratulate the ZfU to have a lecturer like Mr. Wolfgang Bischoff in their program ... For me, he is the seminar leader No. 1 of all ZfU-Seminars that I have attended as part of my Masters degree. In consonance with the topic of his seminar, his quiet, relaxed and yet fascinating character convinced me ...“
(Walter Lohrer, CEO, LogicaCMG, Schweiz)


Three Words’ on the work of Wolfgang Bischoff
(Anonymous evaluation by participants of ZfU, Switzerland)

„Impressive, interesting, deep-going“                                  „Unbelievable, highly interesting“

„A lasting experience!!!“

„Shakingly good, educational“                             „Highly valuable work“

„Opens new dimensions“                        „Competent, open, relevant for practical life“