Wolfgang Bischoff
Entwicklungsbegleitung für Mensch und

Dipl. Psych. Wolfgang Bischoff

M.A., B.A. Andy Logan

Ulrike Reher - Bausch

Dipl. Psych. Yvonne Bünger



WBDipl. Psych. Wolfgang Bischoff

Wolfgang Bischoff is an international consultant with clients in Europe, India, China, Indonesia and the USA.
The current focus of his work is on guiding senior executives in their personal transformation, and exploring the limits of human potential.

Underlying his approach is the application of meditative processes to evoke the power of true creativity and intuition.

One area of his expertise lies in his mentoring work with CEO`s, and top leaders. A second area of expertise is in designing leadership conferences incorporating inspirational presentations and the dialogue methodology.

Since 1980 he has founded a number of educational and non profit organisations:

These include the Himalaya Institute of Germany and more recently the Gueldenholm Foundation, which supports the sustainable alleviation of poverty in the world through the dissemination of the world`s wisdom traditions and the cultivation of self-reliance. In the business context he founded the Human Culture Akademie, which aims to remind organisations of the central importance of the human being as the source of success.

His training includes athletic performance up to Olympic standards; 25 years under the guidance of the Masters of the Himalayan Tradition; and work as a psychologist and psychotherapist.

His client portfolio ranges from lecturing at Cranfield University School of Management in the UK, and the ZFU (Centre for Business Leadership) in Switzerland receiving the Golden Teacher Award 2004; to working with such diverse clients as Unilever, Tchibo, and the Governement of China. He has worked cross culturally and transglobally for UNESCO and is a member of the Worldbank Group. He is creating systems of dialogue in contexts of diversity. In 2008 he created the Nile conference and he co-developed the Arab Water Acedemy (AWA) in Abu Dhabi.


A.L. M.A., B.A. Andy Logan

Andy is an international consultant with clients throughout the UK, Europe, Australia, the USA and Southern Africa.
His focus is on leadership development and transformation. His approach is based on the understanding that all leadership starts with self-knowledge and the ability to truly lead one`s own life. He utilises the idea of leadership development as a journey of adventure into the unknown.
Andy works with top teams, corporate boards, senior directors, MD`s and CEO`s to facilitate their continual learning and the achievement of their full potential.
As well as running his own consultency practice Andy is a co-founder and director of Praxis, a centre for management development within Cranfield School of Management in the UK.
Andy`s background includes training in the fields of psychology, psychtherapy, coaching, the martchial arts, visualisation, mythology and storytelling.

His client portfolio ranges from family businesses to not for profit organisations to multi-national global corporations.



Ulrike Reher - Bausch

Ulrike Reher - Bausch: born in1964 in Hamburg, 2 Children, lives currently in Lübeck, Germany.

- University (Regie - und Medienassistentin),
- organizing (Yoga-)trips to India
- Physiotherapist

Educated in Thailand as a `Traditional-Thai-Medical-Massage-Therapist`, 3 years education as a Yogateacher at the Himalaya Institut, Deutschland, qualification as a Yogateacher-instructor.

Physio- and Relaxationtherapist in the fields of Stressmanagement, and Mentroring/Coaching.



Yvonne Bünger
Dipl. Psych., Direktor HCA Research Institut
PhD/DBA Student

Yvonne Bünger is Director of the Human Culture Academy (HCA) Research Institute. The HCA is a consulting company, which accompanies and facilitates the development and growth of people and organizations.
The HCA provides leadership-trainings, seminars, Human and organizational development, mentoring and coaching for high performance leaders working in Europe, Asia and USA.

She is trained in Working/Organizational-Psychology and Clinical Psychology and has written a thesis about presencing future events (“Vorbewusste Antizipation emotionaler Bildinhalte”, presented October 2000 at the congress of the Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE) in Amsterdam, Netherlands) and implemented a study about physiological presentiment effects with the presentation of emotional pictures.
Furthermore she worked on physiological Experiments with phobics and other subjects, perception experiments, psychokinetic and other parapsychological Research. She worked in cooperation with Princeton University, USA, especially with the »Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research« (PEAR) department.

Currently she is doing her doctorate in an international PhD/DBA Program “Humanization of Organization” at the University for Humanistics in Utrecht, the Netherlands. She explores the phenomenon of “Authentic Leadership” in cooperation with the Güldenholm Foundation and the Foundation China-Europe – Dialog and Exchange for sustainable Development; together they develop a leadership training that facilitates the abilities of authenticity to ensure a sustainable and responsible development in economic systems and in society. Yvonne Bünger presented the thesis at the conference “BEYOND CONCEPTS AND MINDS - International Dialogue (February 17-18, 2007, Rishikesh, India). And she facilitated together with Wolfgang Bischoff the thematic group Good Governance and the role of Leaders with dialogues, explorations and connections. She also facilitates e-dialogues and dialogue groups about “Authentic Leadership”. Furthermore she coaches people to bridge Spirituality, Ethics and Business.

Additional she organizes sozial and ecological projects in cooperation with Güldenholm Stiftung, Himalaya Institute Hospital Trust and Nava Prabhat Public Charitable Trust.